Mom Guilt: It's a Thing

Mom Guilt

Mom guilt is a thing. I think I under estimated it’s power at every turn. Even before I became a mom I knew there was “mom guilt” but oh my how I underestimated its power. That mixed with a dose of post partum still clutching on for dear life...can sure make things challenging.

I started a new job about a month ago. It took me a year to find the right fit for me. It needed to be an industry I was passionate about and somewhere I can grow and learn from. Well I found it and hit the ground running.

Living in the metropolitan area, it was almost a certainty that I would end up working back in Manhattan. Even though I’ve been a New Yorker my entire adult life, I now reside in the suburbs of New Jersey and I’ve officially been welcomed to the commuter life. Which (pardon my French) is a motherfucker.

Every day I spend roughly 50-60 minute commuting to work each way. I struggled with accepting this in the beginning because I knew it was going to take time away from my daughter. But I’ve always wanted my daughter to have a mom that was kicking ass. I want her to one day say “yea my mom is better than yours” (as awful as that sounds, but you get my point).

The ‘’mom guilt” is draining. It’s so easy to spiral for someone like me who is very much, from time to time, a glass half empty person (when it comes to myself). One thing can turn into 80 negatives and “what if’s”. It’s mentally exhausting. I’m trying to work through it and take each day at time. Recently I’ve been getting some really good advice from my boss who went through a similar situation with her post partum. She is a certified wellness expert and I’m going to start applying her sound advice. Be sure to check in as I’ll be sure to report back on how it’s going.