Mama Must Haves: Hatch Collection

Every mama (or mama to-be) has her official ‘must have’ list to make the ever-changing motherhood journey easier and more reliable. It makes us feel better to have products, clothes, toys (you name it) that our kids love, cater to our day to day, and that we know actually work.

As I launch my new ‘Mama Must Haves’ series, I’m happy to talk about one of my favorite clothing & beauty brands, Hatch Collection. ( )

I learned about Hatch when I was pregnant, I found the perfect dress for my baby shower (The Slouch Dress – highly recommend, a few of my fave pictures below!) and was instantly intrigued by the brand. I loved the thought of clothing that was going to fit me as my body grew and changed once my daughter was born. Hatch is designed for women before, during and after pregnancy, and has been a lifesaver for me postpartum.

My daughter is 14 months old and I am still carrying around the same weight today as I did 14 months ago. I’m working through my postpartum depression and other issues, so focusing on my weight loss has really taken a backseat on my priority list. Getting dressed every day is traditionally a roulette game, trying on things that fit me before my pregnancy and don’t fit now. Not only does Hatch fit with my personal style, but is easy, comfortable and makes me feel like my old self, which at times can be hard to find.

To add to my love of the brand, I pretty much screeched with excitement when the brand launched their beauty collection, Hatch MAMA. The products stand apart from Hatch Collection with their own story to tell. Their intimate range of products addresses the most common changes you will face while pregnant and most importantly, postpartum. I couldn’t get enough hydration in my skin or my hair after giving birth. My skin was (and still is) screaming for it every day. I still have stretch marks and dry patches in the strangest places. The Belly Oil, is an actual dream for more than just my stretch marked belly, but ALL OVER! Light, smooth and not greasy. This belly oil is officially my ‘all over oil’ from now on.

For a stress-free transition from pregnancy to motherhood and your postpartum body, I HIGHLY recommend checking out Hatch.

In ‘The Slouch Dress’ at my Baby Shower with my Husband, Product Launch Event with Eva Amurri,, Product Launch Event with Christie Brinkley.