Travel Lightly No More


Traveling ever can be the worst. Planning to travel with an infant?? I felt like I was tentatively residing on Mars for the weekend. It's safe to say the days of 'traveling light' are completely out the door for awhile, but our first long weekend away was for sure prepare for. I spent more time packing and preparing for the "what if" situations then actually away for the weekend [which is boarder line comical if you think about it].

My husband is definitely the "do we really need to bring this?" type of person, where I on the other hand, need to be prepared for every situation imaginable even the unrealistic ones. 

[Side bar: I suffer from crazy anxiety, there are times when I can feel like I want to rip my skin off in certain situations or I have a heavy rock on my chest, so things like rushing to get ready or taking my daughter out of her normal routine stress me the F out.]

Even before becoming a mom, traveling [even for one night] is something that I need to prepare for in two different ways.

(1) Pack for days leading up to any type of trip to lay out my potential outfit options.

(2) Finish packing the day of to ensure that I pack the necessary toiletries and miscellaneous items that I use every day and can’t pack in advance.

With that said I believe the root of my issue is my anxiety that I need to just learn to control. I don’t really have much sound advice here. I just thought i’d put this out in the mommy universe. Do you have any helpful tips on how to travel with an infant? My husband and I are headed to the West Coast in July 2019, so i’m all ears! Comment below!