Memories: Maternity Shoot

It's hard to believe that my husband and I did our maternity shoot almost one year ago. I remember being on the fence about even taking them. Fast forward to now, and I'm so glad that I did. 

I've been trying hard recently to 'stop to smell the roses' if you will. Not to sounds too cliche, but life is short, and sometimes it's worth it to appreciate and treasure special moments. People will always have their opinions, both positive and negative, but it's good to do things for yourself every now and then. 

When I started pricing out photographers I was floored by how much they were asking for, for something that, to me, I only wanted to do for like a hour TOPS! At the time, it was something I could have afforded (if I wanted to) I just didn't want to. It would be a shame if any woman out there didn't take maternity pictures because they couldn't afford it. My advice to them is this...a professional photographer is nice, but 100% not necessary.

For my maternity, and pregnancy announcement pictures, we enlisted the help of a friend. We were definitely fortunate for him because he does photography and graphic design, but not for maternity! He was kind enough to lean a helping hand...he even used my camera for both. My point is...get creative! It's sad how pricey things can be these days, so I say find that Instagram savvy friend, and ask her to take some pictures in exchange for lunch!

Who wants to spend half a day with someone you don't know. Even pictures taken on an IPhone will come out great when it's done by someone who knows you. 


[Photo Credit: Thomas Graff of Visual Carbon]