Maternity Leave Lay Off


I'm not sure about the rest of you working mama's out there, but one of my biggest fear's before having my daughter was loosing my job. Two weeks before I was scheduled to return to work, I was informed I had no job to return back to. The facial expressions I get from people when I tell them this story is uncanny. Not to get into too much detail regarding this matter, but it was definitely handled poorly. 

Loosing my job was something I was always trying to be prepared for if it did in fact happen [i'll just say the writing was on the wall]. I felt like a bag full of emotions after the fact because well, I was literally a hormonal and emotional roller coaster. "I just had my first child, how I am going to support her? How am I going to afford rent, and pay off my debts?" After thinking all these questions, a strange sense of "I've got this" came over me. I just knew if I had to, if not for me but for my daughter & husband, I would figure it out. I'm not sure what at that point, but I would be ok. 

M husband and I had no help, we managed it all on our own. No family close by to help us babysit, no money was given to us to help pay for expenses or anything. I did what I could to postpone some debts [i.e: Sallie Mae, who i'm surprised didn't request my first born child], assessed my monthly bills, and my husband and I made it work....correction, we're still making it work. We downsized, and made plans month by month for what we would do if I did or did not find a new job. I work hard every day searching for a new job. I go back and forth about finding a job that is close to my daughter, or finding a job that keeps me on the career path I was on. Whatever happens though, I know, it will be what was meant to be for me and my family. 

If you are going through a similar situation, I'll say this to you..."everything is going to work out for the best, as long as you put your best foot forward."