Fashion for Breastfeeding [?]


The majority of my life I've been obsessed with fashion. From designers, to trends....the whole industry in general. However, I must say what an underwhelming category, 'nursing' is for us breastfeeding mom's out there. 

Before I had my daughter I knew I needed to be equipped with nursing bra's and top's to be comfortable around the house, but what about life after maternity leave and you're still breastfeeding? It wasn't until my daughters Christening when I realized "crap - nothing fits me, and anything that did would be impossible to breastfeed in. I searched for nursing dress, and non nursing dresses, over-sized dresses, etc...I spent weeks and weeks searching for something, that in my mind, did not exist. 

One of my favorite maternity brands, even being postpartum, is Hatch Maternity. Their clothes are comfortable and perfectly wearable after your pregnancy...I'm obsessed, but even some of their dresses looked like they would be tough to breastfeed in [however, they are on the pricey side]. Now when looking for something affordable, that I was most likely going to wear ONCE, was a very discouraging and sad experience.

The whole time I was looking for a dress to celebrate my daughters Christening and I was crying because I knew nothing was going to fit, and I was uncomfortable with my weight. The day before my husband took me to a department store where i lapped the dress department ten times looking for a dress that I could macgyver my way out of to breastfeed. I eventually went with a very pretty dress from Halston [that I eventually returned]. I breastfed once that day and when i did, I had to take off the entire top part of the dress off [hey, a mom's gotta do, what a mom's gotta do]. 

My point? Breastfeeding can be tough for some, but shouldn't have to require being stuck in the house in a nursing bra or tank all day. Yes, there are options out there, but not nearly enough for mom's who spend anywhere from 6 to 18 months of their life breastfeeding their children. You hear me fashion industry? Up your game for those mom's who want to feel like themselves at any function anytime of year.