Baby's First Christmas (sort of)

I realize my daughter was born on December 19th, which technically, does not make this her first Christmas. However, last year she was five days old, so now that she is walking and loving life, I am so happy to do all these fun Christmas activities with her.

People can be judgemental (shocker), and say, “oh they are never going to remember”. I might have even uttered the phrase once or twice before I had Maddie. Now I realize that it’s about more than just her being able to remember these things exactly in that moment. (and hey, heres hoping she maybe does!)

For me, I can’t wait for the day where I can show her these pictures and can look back with her on how special all of her first experiences were as a baby. I was so lucky to come across a posting in Facebook group for mom’s in my area. a Photographer was doing a day of holiday pictures (with Santa) at a very reasonable cost. It was a no brainer for me to immediately sign up, and I’m happy to share some of those pictures here!

Cheers to all you moms out there enjoying the holiday season. First’s or not, Happy Holidays to you and your families, and may you create the most cherished memories.

Happy Holidays!

[Photos by: Golden Photography]