Sleep Training or Bust

Sleep Training

Doesn’t it feel like every time your baby has a new milestone, it means less sleep for mommy?

I don’t know about everyone else out there but that’s the case right here. The first night my daughter slept in her crib I was not at all prepared. Mom guilt confession, I wasn’t exactly the one to sleep train her. She started daycare at 3 months old, so she started going into the crib for naps during the day at daycare. 

At home & at night it was a slightly different story. Insert my bad mommy habit here: my daughter slept in a rock and play for the first four months her life. 

No Judgement please, this is a judgement free zone.

One night after putting her down, I noticed her attempting to roll over and some short attempts to roll on her side, and she just seemed irritated. My immediate thought was, “oh no, she’s too big for the rock & play” which she was. It was time to put her in her crib [cue hysterical crying mother here].

I wasn’t ready for her to be alone in her room…what if she moves the wrong way? What if she gets stuck and can’t breathe, what if the moon comes crashing down into her room? All of those amazing “what if’s” that, as a mom, you will think about until the sun comes up.

That night I slept for a combination of about one hour? Two tops. I couldn’t stop staring at the monitor and even better, if I was going down, I was taking my husband with me. “WAKE UP! WHAT IS SHE DOING” “DO YOU THINK SHES OK?”

This nightly panic and curiosity of her sleeping habits did not go away easily, if at all [yet]. Even now at 10 months old, I still wake up in the middle of the night and all I do is check her monitor. I need to know if she flipped directions, and if I can see her ear [meaning she isn’t blocking her mouth or nose].

How about you? Any trouble adjusting like myself? I know I’ll get there, eventually, but man this new mom stuff isn’t a walk in the park.