Language Development

Language Development

When my husband and I first started looking into daycare options for our daughter, one important draw for us was to find a school with secondary language skills and development programs. Yes as crazy as it sounds, at three months, I wanted to make sure I was putting my daughter on the right path for better learning and growth.

Plenty of research has shown that learning a second language helps critical-thinking development, problem solving and listening skills, the list goes on and on.   

Now at 13 months old now, I get so excited when I can communicate with my daughter through the sign language tools she’s learning. It’s so simple and makes such a difference in her social skills and her ability to communicate. Some people have expressed to me their negative opinions regarding sign language at such a young age (because what parental milestone or decision would be complete without the unsolicited advice from others). However, It’s been nothing but positive for us because we are involved in using those skills with her every day and encourage her to try and speak at the same time (even those we are some time away from that). 

With that said, my mind is already on next steps and once she starts speaking and gaining the basic knowledge at day care, well what next?

For me – I can’t wait to start taking classes myself to help Maddie learn a second language, and to eventually include her in them. I look forward to the day where I can take my daughter on international trips and she can speak the language.  When the time comes I will rely on my friends at JP Linguistics ( to help me prep my language skills and to eventually help Madison with hers.

If you haven't heard of them, they offer fun and engaging language classes in French, Italian and Spanish in SOHO, NYC. I mention this because, as a mom, it’s super hard to find any type of class or program with people that you can actually trust.

I’m happy to invest my time to help better educate my girl, and learn along side her.