New Chapter


A new mom just trying to navigate her way through motherhood, marriage and suburban life. Yup that’s me, my name is Kim & in one year I got married, had a baby, forfeited my NYC residency and lost my job [yes in that order]. I have a loving husband and a gorgeous daughter I am obsessed with, but after years of working in the beauty & fashion industry, there was certainly a particular ‘stinger’ [?] I would say, about losing my job. The classic line that I had to repeat to myself daily was “onto bigger and better things”, but sometimes after going through so many other emotional experiences, particularly those that include ranging hormones for months and months, it’s simply hard to see the silver lining. I am a woman who wants to provide for my family, and make my daughter incredibly proud. After a few months of job searching, and disappointing phone conversations…I decided to take matters into my own hands, and here we are.

Welcome to Behind The Mom Jeans:

As a new mom it’s been a wild and wonderful experience, but often confusing at times between the products, the do’s & don’t, what to buy, and the judgement. This day and age with social media being what it is, there is a very fine line between what’s real and what’s not. What is a realistic expectation for a new mom these days that does not come with a side of mommy shaming? Aren’t we all just trying to do the best we can? I’m hoping this blog can be a relatable space for mommies from all walks of life to feel safe, heard, and most importantly not alone.